Children's Book - Adventures On Kloud 9 Acres



Snickers, a guard donkey, gets a surprise visitor on Kloud 9 Acres, an alpaca farm. Who could it be? Follow along as Gunnar and Snickers discover who the visitor is.

It has a simple and engaging plot with relatable elements for young readers, such as animals, a farm setting, and a positive interaction with a visitor. The story also conveys themes of care, bravery, and gratitude, which are valuable lessons for children.

This booked draws inspiration from our cherished farm, Kloud 9 Acres, a quaint alpaca farm located in Ontario, Canada. Gunnar and Snickers, the dynamic duo, are true friends that live their best life, embarking on daily adventures on the farm.
In the heart of the farm, they are surrounded by an assortment of animals, with Snickers shouldering the vital responsibility of protecting his fellow furry companions.