Yarn From Our Farm

Kloud 9 Acres is 100% Canadian

We have 8 dual registered (Canadian & American) Alpacas that get sheared once a year. This gets done right before the heat of summer, so they stay cool. It will also grow back long enough so they all stay warm enough for the winter. 

Our yarn gets processed at a local fiber mill to product high quality yarn & roving's.

Your handmade pieces made with our Alpaca yarn will be 30 % warmer than most sheep's wool, but still light and extremely durable. It is so dreamy soft. Wearing a piece of Alpaca fiber will make you feel like you are on Kloud 9! Alpaca yarn does not contain any lanolin, making is hypoallergenic and a perfect alternative for anyone who has allergies to sheep's wool!

Some other great benefits are

  • Odor Resistant
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Renewable fiber
  • Natural & Biodegrable